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  • ATTITUDE - At El Modena High School, a student-athlete's attitude is his most important tool as a player. He must have a positive attitude regarding the game, himself, his teammates, and his coaching staff.

  • EFFORT - At El Modena High School, we realize that 100% effort is required each and every time a player steps on the court (practice, game, and otherwise). Anything less than my best is unacceptable. We WILL out hustle every team that we play, including but not limited to diving after loose balls, taking charges, playing proper defense, and hustling anytime we are on the court.

  • TEAM - At El Modena High School, we understand that the team comes FIRST. This means that any/all conduct that is detrimental to the team will be dealt with accordingly by the coaching staff. In order for us to succeed, we need to understand that every player needs to put the team's needs before his own (playing time, points scored, etc).

  • DISCIPLINE - At El Modena High School, student-athletes involved with this program realize that we are part of an exclusive group. As a result, we will be disciplined in the classroom, on the court, and in our everyday lives. We understand that discipline involves self-sacrifice and mental concentration.

  • ACADEMICS - As part of this program, I understand that academics will ALWAYS come before athletics. As a result, I will be responsible in keeping up with my studies, turning in assignments on time, and in balancing my time between academics, family, sports, and friends. I also understand that behavior in class is just as important as my grades. We remember that in class, on campus, and in the community. We represent El Modena High School Basketball, the coaching staff, and the school as a whole.

  • COMPETITIVENESS - At El Modena High School, we understand that winning is not everything, however competing and trying to win is expected. This competitive spirit will be shown at all times, whether during practice or games. Although we will not be demanded to win every game, we will be asked to be mentally and physically ready to compete in every game.

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